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Thread: NEMOC Random BS Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazooka joe View Post
    Yes I heard. Too bad, he was the reason I watched wheeler dealers.

    Mark, have you had any issues with the 6 speed tranny on your ND? Seeing a long thread about 1 of the gears going. Seems like it was fixed with the ND RF.
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    Took 6 hours, but the new exhaust is in, and the air pump, control valve, cats, and all this other junk is out.

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    Wow, has time really gone by that fast? I remember watching the very first season of Wheeler Dealer when it started. Sad to see Ed go, but I don't blame him for reasons he stated.

    Chris, nice work on the 7!

    Lauri thanks as always! So looking forward to LRP again this year.

    Mark, how about a "Spring Clean" meet this year at your place? I don't have anything to clean, but like many times in the past it was hanging out and maybe help with installs. One thing about Plastsip, you never have to wax your car. Lol!!!

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