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Thread: Mazda 6 snow tires

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    Mazda 6 snow tires

    Hi guys,
    I have a mazda 6 with 215/45R18 tires. I have found out in the last week that these are terrible in the snow. Nobody seems to have winter tires in stock that fit the 18 inch rims.

    Is it better to seek some out or just buy smaller rims with a basic snow tire.

    thanks very much

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    Given the low availability for winter tires you may be better off taking what you can get in a smaller diameter....Another option would be to order a package off I did this back in August/September and they delivered the wheels right to my front door within a week.

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    Go down to 16 or 17" wheels. Goto TireRack for some good deals but the dollar is bad. Or go to Costco

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    got this winter setup at the dealer lol
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    Hey guys, first time posting here I went to my dealership and got some 17's put on because of availability, but they work pretty good, very good traction.

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