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Thread: How-To: Replace Mazda5 Rear Wiper Blade

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    Rear Wiper Blade replacement Mazda5 2012/2013

    Here are some photos of the Trico 12A replacement rear wiper blade I just installed on our 2012 Mazda5.

    Thanks to the photos thugus posted, I could easily remove the snap-on cover.

    Trico 12A is the right size for the rubber blade.

    The easiest way to get the old rubber insert out of the blade is through the "long" side of the arm.

    I dismantled the Trico assembly and the factory wiper. Then I transferred the Mazda steel inserts to the Trico rubber insert - then the whole thing to the Mazda arm. The idea behind this was to retain the "spring" and curvature of the original wiper - the Trico kit would not wipe the upper section of the glass.

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    I just used a heat gun and put a slightly sharper angle at the end of the Trico wiper. Problem solved, lol.
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    I also request this be made a sticky

    To help people out, can anyone confirm what the part numbers are on the inside of the OEM wiper arm so we know if we have one or not? Dealer near me wanted $16.99 but is out of them

    The one that I have currently has: PET-GF30 0745-1 and PET-GF30 0744-3

    The Trico I bought has: 91499-501 and 91500-501

    EDIT: I swapped the Trico blade with the old blade and kept the old arm and inserts and it is working just fine for me
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    Noob report

    I just registered for this forum to reply to this thread. My wife an I bought a preowned 2006 Mazda 5 over a year ago. I read the fist page of the thread and then went to a local Pep Boys but they didn't have the refills, just the complete blades, and no Trico. Proline has three 12" models. The one that worked was the "12-2" 300mm blade, for $9.99:

    Of course being a heard head I didn't pay attention to the included instructions and when trying to put the new blade on, I broke a could of the little flat tabs on the head of the blade holder arm. ! Hopefully the tension of the arm will be enough to keep it in place.

    The only other 12" blade I saw there was from Rain-X. I couldn't see the whole blade but what I could see was very different from my old blade, and it was $10.99.

    EDIT: The Proline brand is apparently sold exclusively through Pep Boys
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    This is a very helpful thread. My '14 MZ5 most likely had the original rear wiper blade and rubber until this morning. Wiped so-so. Local dealer has wiper blades on sale this month. Somehow the Mazda OEM part (C247-67-330) which is a 12 inch blade was not in stock. But they had Mitsubishi part# MN127768 as they stock Mitsubishi OEM parts & accessories too. Was told it was identical to Mazda C247-67-330 -- just a repackaged item essentially. I don't know if it is but looks very similar and works great. I kept the old blade just in case. According to this thread, Trico 12-A, which is widely available including at, may not work perfectly even though the rubber should be the right fit for the OEM blade. May use the original blade with fresh rubber for next replacement.

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    Cool, added the how-to to the master sheet

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    I once replaced my rear wiper with the "replacement" blade you can find at Advance Auto. But it never really wiped the window well. It would always miss the upper third. I bought another OEM blade from the dealer the following year and it worked perfectly.

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    I just replaced the insert with one out of a wiper I got at Prime Choice and it wipes the whole rear window as it should It was like $10cad (so like $7us :P ) and didn't give me any issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indelibility View Post
    I just used a heat gun and put a slightly sharper angle at the end of the Trico wiper. Problem solved, lol.
    I love this. Simple and is an actual modification. I'll try this tonight. Thanks @Indelibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by thugus View Post
    I am so glad there is a forum to cover this issue, since the Mazda5 user manual skipped an important step: Taking off the plastic cover over the axle mentioned in diogenes's post. I was befuddled by my inability to raise the wiper arm without that step.

    Attached below are pictures on how to remove the plastic cover. Simply pull apart slightly where the red arrows are, and the cover should come off. The rest matches the manual.

    Have fun!
    Thanks for the pictures. Very helpful. I just bought a used 2015 Madza5

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