Mazdas247 needs additional Moderators to support all the Members and Forums that make Mazdas247, the largest and most active ALL-MAZDA Community in the World!

To qualify for this position, please PM ME with detailed answers to ALL the following questions:

- Name, Age, Location and Current Job?

- Which Forum or Forums would you be best suited to Moderate (why and in what ways)?

- Current Mazda owner (year and model including mods if any)?

- Been a Member for at least 12 months (you need to be in order to qualify)?

- A minimum post count of 500 posts (you need a minimum of 500 posts to qualify)?

- Technically familiar with Mazdas (which models and years)?

- Able to stimulate a Forum or Forums to be more active (in what ways)?

- An understanding of what it means to be a Mazdas247 Moderator and of the responsibilities involved (how so)?

- Able to create and post original Mazda related content such as "How-To" and "Build" threads (provide proof)?

- Genuine interest in helping our Mazda Community grow (how have you shown it)?

- Able and willing to seek and remove SPAM threads / posts?

This is a great opportunity if you're a Mazda Enthusiast and you care about the Mazdas247 Community. I'm looking forward to your application, thank you very much and good luck!