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Thread: Leaking sunroof 08 cx-9

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    Leaking sunroof 08 cx-9

    hey guys, i just recently purchased an 08 mazda cx-9 GS w/sunroof. a couple days ago i went though the car wash and when the jets sprayed on the seal of the sun roof spitted water into the cabin (about 1tsp of water).. also, when it went through the dryer, i could feel/hear the air rushing though as i put my hand near the seal.. any ways, during rainfall it does not leak.

    just wondering, anyone have this problem? and if i bring this to my dealer will it be a quick fix?

    other than that, the car is superb.. it turns alot of heads

    thanks in advance!

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    If it does not leak in rain, then, it must be a small defect in rubber seal, which fails under strong jet stream. Have the dealer inspect it next time you bring it in for service. That would be my suggestion.

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    probably not a quick fix, but definitely take it in for warranty repair.

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    I took mine through one of those touch less car washes a few months back, and when the water jets passed over my sunroof I also felt some water penetrate the seal, though very little. I'm not going to worry about it, as it does not leak when it rains or when I wash it in my driveway.

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