Hey guys.......well just tinkering with my new POS written off car I bought, 24K and all ready a ton of troubles, among them is a CV boot I need to change, The inner one on the passenger side!

What I need to know is how the hell it comes out, I am fighting this bastard all evening, Got the tie bar ball joint off the stabilizer upper control link off and of course the hub nut off...........I got part of the half axle out of the hub it self, but even when the hub is turned all the way left tor right there just isn't enough give in the joints to let me clear the hub.

So then I go over to the square looking metal piece just before the inner CV boot and try tapping that over or some thing so I can expose the C clip and untie the half shaft with the main drive shaft.....But it wont move, and I am scared I will hurt some thing like those slip on O rings.........If any one knows what I am rambling on or has some damn pictures I would GREATLY appreciate it, I need the car to run ASAP, and I dont want to tow it to a shop and say look I am the backyard mechanic who cant do any thing LOL

Thanks guys