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Thread: Homelink installation wire tap

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    Can't believe they did it on the wrong side

    PM sent.

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    I own a 2006 Mazda5 GS and I recently asked the dealership (Toronto Mazda) if I could install the 0000-8C-Z02 mirror in my car. The answer was no. Clearly, you are saying that it can be done. How involved is the install? Are there any instructions available?

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    Hindsight being 20/20 it was easy. Total time if I knew what I was doing with the wiring would have been 30 minutes. Works perfect.
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    Do it yourself if you can and think twice before leaving your car with Toronto Mazda. Apparently SonicBoy got someone helpful there but my personal experience with them was very disappointing to say the least. If you read my post above you'd see that they have managed to screw up such a simple installation on my new car, which I bought from them a month ago.

    Not only did they routed the wiring to the wrong side of the car and tapped onto the wrong wire, when I opened up the kick panel and looked at the bundle of wires underneath, I could see that they had previously tapped onto another wire (also wrong one)! Whoever did the installation didn't even bother to tape up the wire and I could see the cut marks and bare cable!

    I nailed them badly when I filled out my customer satisfaction survey with Mazda Canada.

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    Red face HomeLink Mirror Problem

    Looks like my dealer did exactly the same thing... tied the wires into the driver's side using a Blue w/red stripe and silver dots and a Green w/black stripe and silver dots. Same problem, all working except the HomeLink. Not sure if I should fix it before or after I tell them about it. Don't think I'll give them the chance to mess it up again.
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    I know on some models the autodim taps into the wiring behind the driver's kick panel, so that could be why they did it over there. It doesn't excuse them doing it incorrectly of course.

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    Anyone have a piout diagram for the sunroof? I am planning to use the sunroof connector instead. Thanks.

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    I've been trying to find a switched 12V and negative wiring in the sunroof connector for the past week.

    The wires at the Sunroof Connector: +Red/white stripe , - Blue/black stripe

    Although it will look like you have a constant 12V via the meter at these connections, It is a momentary 12V at the connector, this triggers the sunroof to open or close. It does not have enough current or constant voltage to power the mirror.

    Use the above instructions bringing power leads from the passenger kick panel wiring: Green w/black stripe and silver dots and ground wire.

    Listed here is the factory installation instruction, note: use Green w/black stripe and SILVER DOTS

    Picture of Wiring Loom at Passenger Kick Panel:

    Hope this helps, I will do this tomorrow!

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    So, I sold our 2006 Mazda 5 however did not want to part with the Homelink mirror so I simply removed it and left the wiring harness in place as it was too much trouble to remove it.
    Silly me figured I could just go to the dealership and purchase the harness as part of kit 0000-8C-L12 only to find they had updated this kit to 0000-8C-L12A. Ordered it figuring $35 is not that much and it was coming from Japan. 2 months later and get notified Mazda will not provide the harness. Apparently they don't stock these things but simply build on demand. Given the age, they have decided little interest.

    So, after going over this thread, I have decided to try my luck and order just the harness 0000-8C-H12. Low and behold there are only a few left in the US and available for $55. Ouch. All of this just to get a wiring harness! I should have listened to myself and just clipped the wire with the connector before selling the car but hey, I guess that's what you get for trying to be nice. Using some of the above links, I can determine that really there is only 3 connectors that are important.

    Pin 3 is Ground
    Pin 6 needs switched Ignition
    Pin 10 constant +12v

    Connector looks like this for pinning with bump on top of connector where X is. Sorry for the ASCII art.
    1 2 3 4 5
    10 9 8 7 6

    Hopefully this helps others out looking for more information on the pin out configuration for a Homelink with compass Electronic Dimming Mirror in the 1st Gen Mazda 5.

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