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Thread: Can I program a Smart Key myself?

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    Key fobs, also known as keyless entry remotes, are useful in controlling your car's locks, trunk, panic alarm and even remote starter from hundreds of feet away. These remotes are wirelessly programmed to your vehicle and can be reprogrammed as often as you would like if the signal is lost or if you need a replacement remote. Reprogramming takes only seconds and will have your remote ready to use immediately.

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    3rd key fob

    Hi Pele,

    Just wondering how you got the third key fob programmed. I'm in a similar situation with two working fobs and just want to add another on my 2016 CX-5. Thanks.

    -- Jeff

    Quote Originally Posted by Pele2048 View Post
    All of these procedures linked say something about inserting a programmed key into an ignition cylinder and turning from ACC to ON several times.

    I have no cylinder. I have nothing to turn.

    I have two programmed keys. I need a procedure that works on the 2nd gen (2018)

    Does anyone have that procedure?

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