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Thread: Time For A Change History of the Wicked Pro2ge

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    Time For A Change History of the Wicked Pro2ge

    Well I was saving up for a nice down payment for a mazdaspeed 3 or Mazda 3 H/B but after alot of thought I decided I am gonna keep my protege until she is completely paid off . So for me to do that she needs to get some work done to make her look like she should again.

    Some history : I bought the car brand new in Dec of 03 with no intentions to mod her at all . Then came the tuner bug, which bite me hard. First i bought a indash tv/dvd player , then the buddy club 2 bodykit and i thought i was done . But again I was wrong . I got a great deal on ebay for a set of 17 inch white rims and a meagan racing exhaust system and a aem ram air intake .Then i bought the imitation mp3 wing and a body shop totally fuked up my trunk . so i sold the wing and bought a carbon fiber hood and trunk and some black 17 inch rims. well after 2 yrs of her being my daily driver the damn paint on the body kit is peeling right off. the place that did the paint did a horrible job . its all flacking off now so she looks like shit and i hate it .the body kit has some stress cracks which need fixing. So here i am today .
    I have like a 1k saved up and more coming with income tax stimulus which should arrive in may . So i have till then to come up with the other 1500 for paint . the body shop told me he would paint my car for 3k if i change the color or 2200 if i repaint her white. Well i love how c/f looks on the blue msp's so i am thinking about painting her Blue or Orange bc i also like spicy msp's as well . The body shop guy said his favorite color is orange so he would love to paint her orange but i am leaning towards the blue color .

    I sold the Aem intake,Black 17's . So once she is in for paint i am gonna be picking up some black 18 inch rims to flow with the cars new apperance .
    I just thought iwould went a little bit about my experiances and the future of the pro2ge. Here are some pix of the progression of the car.

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    suspension? your wheel gap is killing me....

    i would honestly just take the kit off (its not my style) and sell it, repaint the car whatever color you want, and rock it like that....
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    I am keeping the kit but going with the msp front with a dg lip and lowering the car after her new 18 inch wheels and and new paint color
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    Is he gonna paint in all the door sills and in the engine bay? I'd stay white and do the MSP front bumper. You know you're jealous of the Laser blue though

    Can't wait to see more progress pics!!

    Espilars and Tokico's are next on my list with the MSP front lips


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