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Thread: Homemade coolant flush machine?

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    Homemade coolant flush machine?

    I was just thinking. Would it be possible to make an apparatus similar in function to shop coolant flush machines? I've always done a poor man's flush but watching them use the machines at work I thought maybe I could make one cheap.

    From the looks of it it seems you seperate the upper hose from the radiator. You then connect the hose end to a supply of coolant and run a different hose from the radiator to a coolant waste chamber. Turn the car on and as the pump engages it forces the new coolant through and pushes out the old stuff. Let it run until the coolant comes out the color of choice and done.

    So....I'm thinking a two 5 gallon buckets, PVC couplers, and various rubber hoses and hose clamps. Since you'll only be servicing your own vehicles you won't need a boxful of different hose adapters like the shop. Fill one bucket with fresh coolant and submerge a hose coupled with the upper rad. hose. Run a hose off the radiator into the empty bucket and start her up.

    This of course is only theory. Can anyone confirm if this will work or the possibility? Can the buckets be open as is or does there have to be some sort of seal to equalize pressure somewhere? Does the source coolant have to be elevated above the engine block or will the water pump have enough power to suck it out of a bucket at level ground?

    I'll test it out myself but will have to wait until summer as it is too cold right now.

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    When i get home i'll explain more in depth how the coolant flush machines work, for home purposes you are better off using a diff method...

    1. add coolant flush additive
    2. idle car for 10-15 minutes
    3. after cooling, drain coolant
    4. close petcock on radiator and insert water hose into mouth of rad.
    5. fill till full, start car, open petcock and let run for about 5 minutes keeping an eye on the temp gauge, never let it get above normal operating temp
    6. shut off car and let water drain completely
    7. close petcock and fill with favorite coolant, cooling system sealant, and cooling system conditioner.


    the main advantage to coolant flush machines at shops and why they charge so much isnt so much the machine as most shops use BG additives in which you have to be a technician or shop owner to purchase, the cans dont even come with instructions, if you havent been trained to use it you arent supposed to be using it.
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