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Thread: Where is the MAP Sensor or the Barometric Sensor at..?

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    Where is the MAP Sensor or the Barometric Sensor at..?

    hi all ,i just have check engine on and got it diagnosed.

    "The PCM has determined that input from the manifold absolute presure sensor or the barometric pressure sensor has changed too much, without a corresponding change in engine operating conditions."

    What does it mean?

    I also had this question ,how can i clean the mass airflow sensor? Does an 1.8 MAS fit my 1.6 and would it do anything?

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    what cel # ?

    a 1.6 maf is not interchangeable with a 1.8/2.0 maf.
    cleaning the maf - stores carry a spray specifically for cleaning mafs

    the map sensor is located in the corner of the engine bay near the passenger side windshield, it has a mitsubishi logo on it.

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    the cel # IS PO106

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    its not the MAF, theres a pressure sensor, its mounted on the left strut tower in the engine bay(if your looking from the bumper back toward the engine) its a little Mitsubishi Sensor, with a plug, and two vacuum lines running to it, make sure the lines are connected, ive hit them while detailing under the hood and popped one off then got that same CEL code.

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    ok i found the sensor with the mitsubishi logo on it. Yes, there was a vacuum line loose. I disconected the baterry for about half an hour. Cel light off for about 2 days. Then it came on again. I know that i need to check it again to see if its the same code.

    Thanks guys for the help. Is it true the 1.6 proteges recalled them for difective MAF sensor?

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    does anyone have a pic where this is located on a 2.0L
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    i have a 2004 mazda 3 hatch engine light came on , p2228 baro sensor low circuit , i jus changed de baro sensor , n reseted de car n check engine came back saying the same thing , at this point im freaking frustrated what do i have to change does anyone know ,also does anyone by any chance have a pic of de map sensor baro sensor maf sensor let me know thanks

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