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Thread: Need AC temperature chart

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    Need AC temperature chart

    My CX 7 AC seems weak. . AC on non-recirculate, temp and fan control on maximum and a window cracked. This from an 1995 AC manual on how to check system. Outside ambient temp is 92 F and a digital thermometer 2 inches into the upper center vent gives a cooling temperature of 62 degrees F. According to my old AC book for R-134 refrigerant, the outlet temp should be 39-50 degrees at an engine rpm of 1500. Does anyone have a Mazda factory manual that provides the AC operating conditions with respect to ambient temp? Thanks so much. Ed Hayes
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    No don't have one but that's one of my other complaints with the CX-7: the AC is aweful. Very weak. With all this heat and humidity, I'm glad it's my SO's vehicle.

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    Take it in and get it looked at. I had my wife's in to get the PCM reflashed and have the A/C looked at. We had to keep it at 60 to get it somewhat cold and changing it to 70 was like turning on the heat. The Auto feature didn't do squat. They changed out a "thermostat" and it has never worked better. The auto cools it like it should and 67-70 actually blows cold air.
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