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Thread: 60,000 Mile service

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    60,000 Mile service

    It's about that time when my P5 odometer rolls over 60,000
    I scheduled a maintenance with the dealer for the 60k service, but I was wondering if anybody has had it and is it worth having? $600 seems awful steep for a check up....

    I'm religious about changing my oil and aside from a weird squeaking noise that comes when I make a right hand turn, the car runs fine.

    Just wanted to know if other people here have done it.

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    I would save the money and do the small things yourself. The main thing is the timiing belt and tensioner is the major part of the 60k service.

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    i paid for the 60k service at my dealer. just because it was the first service since getting it 46k. big mistake!

    i spent 420 something dollars for nothing. they did all the normal stuff. that could i have done after realizing i paid for

    go to the dealer and ask them for a sheet explaing what is done for the 60k mile service and then head to the auto store and buy the stuff yourself. save money, and you will even learn stuff along the way that you might have not known.

    o yeah. and the service doesnt come with a timing belt and tensioner change. it is recommended, but costs anothr 400 something dollars ontop of the "service" price. they only inspect it and tell you. BS if you ask me.

    i would def save the money and do the "service" yourself. better off.

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    time to say goodbe. Demoniam's Avatar

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    and spend the remaining money on mods!

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    If I remember correctly half of the stuff included on those services say INSPEC BLAH BLAH BLAH, complete waste of money, most of the stuff they are talking about can be looked at on your own.

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    I'm at 59,800 miles. I plan to change the oil and filter, change the manual transmission fluid, air filter, and rotate tires.

    I have already changed the tranny fluid at 30K along with the spark plugs about 5K miles after that. I use synthetic oil and always change around 4K miles. I'm thinking of taking it to a local shop to have the coolant system flushed...maybe the power-steering system, too. Anything that I forgot?

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    I took mine in to an independant shop (Mekatron in Concord) and it cost me $650.00----but that also included new rear brakes. W/o the brakes the tab was $422.00. It pays to shop around for service.

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