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You and me both! Depending upon the venue, I can rely on running against highly prepared Corvettes etc. Makes for some depressing in-class results, but I have fun.

The supercharger is finally on its way back to me. As UPS is showing it being out for delivery I decided to do some prep work so once it shows I can slot it back in. The prep work consisted of pulling my N/A setup back off, as well as cleaning out the charge pipes and intercooler. There was some oil residue inside everything downstream of the 'charger. After looking at clearances my masochistic side flared up and I figured I could pull the intercooler without removing the front bumper etc. I was successful but it was extremely tight.

Here's a shot of the passenger side bolt holding the intercooler to the mounting bracket:

I had a wee bit more room on the driver's side so it wasn't as hard getting that bolt out. Once the intercooler was removed I cleaned it and the pipes with brake cleaner until they were clean. After airing out I put the intercooler back in. When I removed it I noticed that passenger side bolt had been impacting the A/C dryer. It hadn't worn through yet but it wasn't pretty (couldn't really get a picture). The mounting bracket holes are slotted so I made sure to move it towards the driver's side to give some clearance. Not sure how good you can see it in this picture, but there is room now.

Now I just have to wait on delivery of the supercharger.
Ya, same boat (no pun intended) for me! But I wasn't having any fun with the 6 speed, now with the 5 speed I hope to enjoy some more speed, and less rev limiter!!!

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