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Had an absolute blast this weekend, and it was great having Mahk down to run the car. Saturday was our Test & Tune event and I spent most of my time helping a few folks out with their cars, and put a couple shakedown runs on mine, and let Mahk get comfortable with the car.

Sunday was the big day. I had 6 people driving it today. 2 per heat, every heat, and the car was simply metronomic in its performance. She might not be the fastest Prepared car out there, but it just. F**king. Works. Swung it like a hammer today and it just kept ticking. Really gratifying to have that after all the work over the offseason. The electric power steering is *MONEY*, and the steering stops were perfect. I thought I might have put too much spacer in, but we had zero maneuverability in a very tight grid and paddock this weekend.

Anyway, enough patting myself on the back, or I'm going to pull a shoulder muscle. Here's Mark in the car. Really big improvements in a completely alien environment to him. Yeah he has a Miata, but the Mazda badge is about where the similarities end lol

I was FTD...until the Pros started running. Story of my life

That car is so much fun! Ya, it’s not like anything I’ve driven before. What so cool is how it just works, everything is in harmony....the weight, the suspension, the power band, you can carry so much speed between the cones...nothing like my msm. Of course better tires would help me too! The slicks are just awesome! I’ve been inspired!!!! Thanks again Andrew! I may have to make this an annual event now!