i know this thread is old but i need to put my 2 cents in. i ordered $1800 worth of parts from ken about 3 months ago. received my split second the week after along with molnar rods. then my pistons the next week with head gasket. then 2 weeks after that i received my bearings which when open upon delivery, the main bearings and thrust washers were in tact and good to go, but the rod bearings werent wrapped and loose in the box, which in turn caused them to be scarred and scratched beyond repair. so as any normal person i returned them. also i never received my arp head studs. well for 4 weeks or maybe just a little less i have been waiting for my refund. i still have not received it. this is not the first transaction i have performed with ken also, the first purchase was the msp turbo manifold that when recieved came with the incorrect hardware. i do not believe i will be purchasing from protege garage anymore but if need be i will. ken is a polite sales associate but poor buisness man.