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Thread: What have you done to your MS3 today?

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    2009 MAZDASPEED3

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    Feb 2009
    Funtuna, California
    Hello, long time no post. Still got the car with 64,7xx miles on it. I had low boost issues due to burnt down pipe so bought new one and wrap the inter cooler pipes with heat wrap because of tight fit pipes rub against each other. I gain 36.02hp & and 21.86lbft by installing a CorkSport Turbo and the 3.5 bar map sensor that came with it. So now car is making 346.02hp and 376.46lbft at 21psi on the dynapack with 91 pump gas. OEM turbo was tuned at 19psi. Done other work here and there but so far car is doing fine.
    Cobb AccessPORT - Custom tuned at Church Automotive Testing (SoCal) --- JBR PMM 80a Durometer - photo
    MSD's Dashhawk PnP ODB II Scan Tool - photo --- Ingalls "Stiffy" Engine Torque Damper - photo
    COBB SF Intake - Stealth Black - photo
    PG Turbo Inlet (black powdercoated) - photo
    TurboSmart Dual Port BOV (bpv mode) - photo
    H&R Sport Springs - photo
    H&R Sport Springs + H&R Wheel Spacers (5mm) - photo
    TRZ "Dog Bone" Rear Motor Mount - photo
    COBB TUNING FMIC - photo
    MZR DISI 2.3 HPFpump - photo
    Cobb Tuning TurboBack - photo
    JBR Balance Shaft Delete - photo
    CorkSport Turbo - photo

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    2008.5 Speed3, 2006 Chrysler 300C, 2003 Ram 1500

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    Rolled up the 60,000th mile arriving at work Wednesday. Only took 125 months.

    2008 1/2 CWP GT

    Wolo Air Horn
    Cobb SRI/Forge BPV
    15% tint/Vent Shades
    Center Brake Light Flasher
    Redline Tuning Hood Springs
    Cobb RSB/CorkSport MM inserts
    Spin-on filter conversion/Quick Oil Drain Valve
    RX-8 wheels/Painted Calipers/Continental Extreme Contact DWS

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