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Thread: Real Bad Gas Mileage!

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    so i took a look at my window sticker the other nite, and you know how there were certain people up in arms over the stated numbers? (18/24) I forgot that ON THE WINDOW STICKER, it states, in clear black bold print, right under the big mileage numbers: cars within this category, you should expect to average between 15mpg+ etc etc. just thought that after 21 pages of bad gas mileage, that this was pretty much a beat to death topic over something that is on the window sticker, telling you what to expect. (obviously, people getting something like 12+, thats a diff story)
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    cars in the category... not the CX-7 in particular.

    look at the honda civic, it will say cars get 60 mpg in this category...

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    exactly. which also means, take the numbers with a grain of salt cuz they dont mean shit. and, at the same time, those people who do trust the window sticker and expect specific results should read the finer print. they are exactly what they say, an estimate, nothing more nothing less. there are so many intangibles when calculating gas mileage that it just makes no sense.

    all i know is, i now have a new explorer as a loaner. this piece of shit is getting 13.9 miles to the gallon. along with that, it drives like a school bus, and sucks at mostly everything. on the bright side, its pretty quiet other than the wind up toy car sound of whatever engine it has. im jealous of everyone driving their 7 right now.
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    I bought my AWD sport in January. Most of my driving is in town and with the cold weather and my use of my remote start, I was getting a modest 13-14 mpg.

    The weather is now creeping into the 40s and I took my first road trip, 223 miles each way though winding mountain roads. Much to my delight, I averaged about 22 mpg. And I had FUN doing it, even in the rain on the way home. I drove much of the trip between 65-70 mph, occasionally faster. (Passing through towns was of course slower.)

    This was using Chevron's 90 octane, which is as good as I can get up here. I am very impressed with the numbers and the performance I got this weekend. What a ride.

    I can't wait for my next real road trip. (Mikey, I hope you get yours back soon.)
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    I think that 2008 models are now under new EPA standards and testing methods. So we'll probably see mileage drop across the board.

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    Gas mileage is not bad in my 2007 cx 7

    Quote Originally Posted by jimdogs View Post
    I've had my CX-7 for two and a half months now and i love the way it drives but, I consistently get real bad gas mileage around 12 - 13 miles per gallon. What's the deal? I drive approximately 50-50 city to highway not too heavy footed either. What would cause such low mileage? A/C has been on pretty much all the time, could that be it? I use mobil super 93 octane, could the 93 as opposed to 91 be it? any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
    Got ours a couple months ago and have no problems with bad gas mileage..

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    Don't know how good it will work, but has a computer chip that is supposed to boost HP and increase mileage. I am going to install pretty soon to give it a try. Anyone else tried them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CX-7 Bratt View Post
    Update on my car. My dealer just told me that my car was reading high in carbon. So they "de carbonized it" and told me to just drive it normal and check the gas mileage at the next fill up. I hope this works. I did noticed a lot of wispy white smoke coming from the exhaust after I turned the car off. We shall see if this helps with the gas mileage!
    Did the decarbonization fix the issue? (by the way, what has to be decarbonized)? I am getting ~11 MPG! had the dealer clean the throttle body, however I see no difference..

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