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Thread: New Members...PLEASE READ

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    Exclamation New Members...PLEASE READ

    Hi and welcome to the boards!

    If you're new to forum posting please click this

    We hope you find everything you need here as there is an abundance of knowledge to be found.

    Some helpful hints:

    - SEARCH is your best friend. Most issuses have been discussed & can usually found using our search engine. So PLEASE utilize it first. If you still can't find anything on it or can't find the exact answer you're looking for than feel free to post it & I'm sure someone will have the answer you seek

    - Any F/S, WTB or G/I Threads need to go into the F/S section below...

    Protege, P5, MSP & MP3 For Sale

    - Any "Spotted" threads should be posted in the state specific forum even if you did spot a Protege 5. Typically you will have more luck finding who you spotted if you post it in the state where the car was seen.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here & find everything you are looking for.
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    - Any Threads started about the Turbonator, electric superchargers or a "Powerchip" that is on eBay will be DUMPED. There are so many threads on these crap products. No Mod is the miracle cure for power, especially a $20 one.
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    Any threads started about the green truck abomination we all know and love will all be moved to the dumpster. We've all seen it. Most of us hate it. A few of us think while it's ugly, it's very well put together. I personally hate it. A well put together turd is still a turd.

    That is all.
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    OH and BTW......Welcome to our happy little corner of the net, and to Mazdas247. There is a BIG fridge on the back porch with anything you can think of in yourself...of course only take what you can LEGALLY have. Make yourself at home on one of the big fluffy couches, kick your shoes off, put your feet up on one of the tables, yes we are allowed to do that, mom's and wive's here don't care....and take it easy.

    oh...btw....every once in a while a food fight breaks you may not want to wear nice clothes here.
    '02' Vivid Yellow P-5 / 5-Speed / MoonRoof / Rota Battles with Yokohama ES 100's 215/40/17 / Tinted Windows / Bosal Cat-Back / Injen CAI / B&M Short Throw Shifter/kartboy Bushings / Eibach Pro Kit and....oh yeah, and that BAD Ass flaming skull on the back quarter windows!

    2010 Rally Sport Camaro. Infero Orange Matelic, 312 h.p. V6, White Rally Stripes, 20" Polished wheels, 6 speed Automatic w/ manual over ride that has paddle shifters, Boston Acutics 250 watt / 9 speaker sound system, USB PORT, full guage package (no idiot lights), HID's, halo lights around the head lights, blacked out tail lights, rear spoiler, special interior package (two tone leather, black w/ orange insert in the middle, orange inserts on door panels that up to the front of the door and then across the dash, special orange accents in the gauges, and all the stiching on the seats, doors, and the shifter is orange.) :{D

    and thanks to Enry I have my own smile

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