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Thread: We lost a fellow brother last night...

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    We lost a fellow brother last night...

    On Dec 6th 2005 We lost a member of the mazda community,
    Shannon A. Seabolt known on here as 1338.

    I first met Shannon at one of our local meets that we have, We met at the Dave and Busters in Marietta GA. Thats were I met most of the Ga guys.

    In the 2 years or so that i knew Shannon he became one of my best friends, it was like we were brothers. We had so much in common not just the love for cars.

    We talked pretty much everyday, durring work on out nextels, and then on AIM when we were at home.

    We hung out pretty often, either just chilling at his place , going to a concert down town, or doing a mountain drive.

    I can remember all the good times that we had together, I will never forget him, he will be in my thoughts and my heart for the rest of my life.


    Shannon Seabolt, age 23, of Snellville, died December 6, 2005. He was a graduate of Brookwood High School. He was a member of Mazda Forums, Mazda Lovers and the Mazda Owners Car Club. Cause of death, love of fast cars. Survivors, his mother, Robin Morales, Snellville; father, Anthony Seabolt, Colbert; maternal grandmother, Barbara Bender, Braselton; paternal grandparents, Priscilla & Jack Davenport, Murrayville; sisters, Lacy Seabolt, Snellville, Sierra Farris, Colbert.

    If anyone wants to see what the car looks like

    *Might not be easy to look at*
    pic 1
    pic 2
    pic 3
    pic 4

    Picture of the cross 2/11/06
    pic 1

    "Every day is so valuable and important,because after that day is done, you can never get that day back." -- Shannon A. Seabolt (1338)
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    Its horrible man, of course I would like to chip in, I cant believe it, man this just sucks. please let me know when the service is.
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    just tell me what i can do.. and i'm there.

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    Wow, thats fuckin' horrible...

    I'm sorry guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fede_italiano
    The guy who programmed this car was a drunk fellow.

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    Let me know what I can do - donation, food, etc.
    ~ Joyce Ann ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by ^tyrant^
    Hey guys i dont know if i should be posting this or not, But we lost one of our brothers last night.

    Shannon (1338) was killed last night, Nikki his girlfriend came over this morning and told me the horrible news.

    I dont know any of the details, All i know is he was driving home from Dillions last night.

    If anyone wants to chip in and get something for him mom, i think that would be a nice jester to do, just let me know.

    To quote his sig:
    "Every day is so valuable and important,because after that day is done, you can never get that day back."

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    sorry to hear about this... let me know if I can do anything to help!

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    Sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences...

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    That's terrible. He was a cool guy. RIP.

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    Sorry to hear this news. I've never met him, but it still hits too close to home.I wish everyone close to him the best. Keep us updated with what we can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigrMsP
    Sorry to hear this news. I've never met him, but it still hits too close to home.I wish everyone close to him the best. Keep us updated with what we can do.
    I'm with him ^^^. My condolences to everyone who was close to him
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    Sorry to here that members of Georgia. And especially sad during the holidays. My condolences to the family, relatives, and friends. Sorry for the loss.


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    Whoa. WTF. That's a bit of a shocker and terrible news.

    RIP Shannon.

    Keep us informed, Ron.

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    That's terrible!

    He was actually the first person I met from the forums.
    And please, yes , keep us informed.

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    Wow, unreal. My condolences, that is really sad.
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