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Thread: What have you done to your P5 today?

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    @i12drivemyMP5, let’s face it, no one is really ever “done” with their car until they sell it [emoji23]

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    Washed the car yesterday, and tried to get some OEM roof racks. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and tried to take the racks off from the top. Three hours later, I had em off but in multiple pieces. Oh well. I still have the cross bars intact, but the rails I'm gonna have to scoop up somewhere else.

    In other news, I started work on my 626 valve cover for when I get the rest of my parts for the 1.8 coil mod. It's coming along pretty well so far! I need to sand off the faces of the lettering and get my buddy to cut out some sexy Japanese decals to put on the cam gear cover. More pics to come as I progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protege5 Smoke View Post
    @i12drivemyMP5, let*s face it, no one is really ever *done* with their car until they sell it [emoji23]
    yeah, got parts to add cabin air filter, NIB espelirs and some 22v for the front bumper/msp lip at very minimum......still enjoying the fresh set of wet okole seat covers and the gentex 341 autodim/compass/temp/homelink/maplight rear view mirror in amber and even have full meal deal stereo with rr view cam not in it yet. Not selling car but beyond those things there is a mountain of stuff I should shed....same for my truck.
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    It's been 10 days now, but I have finally said goodbye to the P5:
    DD: 30AE Miata

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    Rallyx: Current: PR in a NB Miata; PR in 2015: Tired RX-7 is tired, let's switch to an NA Miata instead; MR in 2014: Slideways is the best way in the dirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katya4me View Post
    It's been 10 days now, but I have finally said goodbye to the P5:
    What stage of grief is "Racing Orange 30AE Miata"?
    Atlanta Region SCCA
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    Finally have the Protege5 back on the road after 6 years sitting. A broken water pump causing overheating and blew the head gasket and the heater core inside the car. Did all the repairs myself. Replacing the timing belt and water pump turned out to be not too difficult. However the heater core required the entire dash to be removed for access. I am pleased to have it running as a daily driver.
    2002 Protege5, red, 100K miles, AT4 sport-mode auto

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