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Thread: lug nut torque spec?

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    lug nut torque spec?

    Are we supposed to torque the aluminum wheel lug nuts, when reinstalling wheels? I'm used to Toyota, where all of the aluminum wheel lugs are torqued to 76 ft/lbs. I've got Enkies (not stock) aluminum rims, and just need to know so I can rotate my tires.


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    You're "supposed to torque" the lug nuts no matter what kind of car you have. For the proteges they should be torqued at about 80 ft/lbs.
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    yeah, i toruqe it to about 70 ft-lb

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    I do 80 as well.

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    dayum... When I did my brakes I got my torque wrench up to 120 lb/ft...
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    66-86 ft lb according to the service manual. I do it to 80.
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    i think 76 is good , i used to do 77/78 all the time

    76 is for my cousin's toyota matrix
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    Quote Originally Posted by callphy View Post
    i think 76 is good , i used to do 77/78 all the time

    76 is for my cousin's toyota matrix
    Nice bump of an 8 year old thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Puckpimp71 View Post
    dayum... When I did my brakes I got my torque wrench up to 120 lb/ft...
    ^^ this guy is still trying to get the lug nuts off after all these years

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