Compare auto reliability with reliable results at!

Compare auto reliability with reliable results at!
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Thread: Radar Detector Poll

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    i've got a cobra 9200 since last december. no ticket at all so far. but one thing i found interesting is that user has to learn the patterns of detectors no matter what's your make or model. then i can say when and where the alarms are true or false.
    and i believe no one speeds all the time. a good excuse is i don't know when will i need it so i get it in case.
    SOLD, but surely it will be missed!
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    escort max 360 is the best!
    Latest Radar Detectors Online

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    I have an Escort Max360,
    Worth its weight in gold. I will add laser shifters to my next vehicle as an enhancement.

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    Uniden R7 on my CX-5 2017, made some modificstion on it so no problem with onboard BSM falsing

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