year range problems PTU failure versus transmission spline and water pump

I know pretty much every year can have PTU trouble but i am wondering if it is only the 2007 that also have the problem of transmission splines shearing when the PTU goes south.

Also, for the water pump trouble, was that only on the 3,7L? didn't recall anyone with the 3.5 (in 2007) having this issue. Was that issue from 2008 to 2013 only?

If you exeperienced either the water pump or the transmission spline trouble, what year was your cx-9?

i personnaly had trouble with the transmission splines but not the water pump on my 2007
2007 Mazda CX-9 Touring
My 2007 had the water pump replaced at the dealer at 66k miles. If i didn't have the extended warranty i would have been out of 2 grand.
09 CX9
Puma I have a 09 cx-9 188500 miles an no water pump issues.(never changed). i asked dealers in NC and only 1 out of 6 said it should be changed every 100k miles for $1100. The other 5 said they have never see anyone do it early or before there was trouble. They said "just keep a sharp eye out, EGR valve may start show blow back, check oil and coolant very often," and you know the rest pull over if anythings ever seems funny- temp- smell and check oil.

I'm really trying to find out more about a post you made about the ptu. i have been doing the PITA maint on my PTU and now i just want it out and throw it in the swamp. how were u able to leave it out and the right front drive axle still be supported? does it just pass through the PTU? i already took the rear drive shaft off a few days ago. basically its starting to leak more and just stink when oil burns on muffler and i dont care about AWD and dont want any bad side effects to the transmission because it fails.
Most posted that it cant be left out. So i want to do as you did. is it still OK like take long term?
if you don't have snow or too much of it, awd is certainly useless, i feel my truck is perfect during summer time in 2wd. It does suck during winter with all the snow we have in Canada.

You have it right, the axle is going through the PTU so if you take it out, you just put back the right axle in it's place and you are done. The hard part is taking the PTU out, if you can manage that, you are done.
09 CX9
OK great
based on that Im gonna go ahead and do it. Thanks. R u still running with out ptu?

How much more of the rear diff and axles do u think I could eliminate? Or just leave it
i am still running without the PTU for now but might have found a way to repair it. If it works i will leave some info for everyone.

You could take out the rear diff but my concern was to take out the rear axles since the ABS is using the teethed wheels on the axles to calculate the speed of the wheels. If you want to do that you would have to take apart the axles so that the bolted part in the hub stays there for the ABS.

Also, you would get a permanant 4wd light on the dash since the ecu won't see the electric clutch of the rear diff anymore.

I just didn't bother removing everything since i was still hoping to get my awd back some day.
09 CX9
Your great thanks

Just without the drive shaft
It is like a new car

I will take the ptu out some weekend from now when I have time.

FYI wife was searching used cx9 for values and she found 2 for sale around here with new motors because of water pump failures
both 2008 and both approximately 125k when water pump fail.
Just FYI about the 08s
yeah thanks, from my research looks like they are all prone to that. The problem isn't so much about the water pump itlsef but the place where it is installed that is the problem.