XM reception

I have had XM radios for 20 years, and have always had excellent reception, until my current 2017 Jeep Cherokee, which has poor reception of XM's urban area terrestrial repeaters. I don't want to get into a "I hate XM/I love XM" debate, but I would appreciate if people can give me their impressions of the CX-5's XM tuner. Thanks (and yes I know that it's now Sirius-XM...:)).
2019 CX5 Reserve AWD
Had my Reserve for a little over a week and XM seems OK. The other day it went a little goofy and would only give us channels in the 300 range. After shutting the car down and re-starting it went back to normal. Used to have the occasional problem in my wife's CR-V so I guess it's no better/no worse. We got the 3 month freebie so they suspended our regular account and when the 3 months expire our other subscription will resume (hopefully).

I'm in the suburbs 10 miles from a small city so the reception is decent unless we travel down heavily wooded roads then it's hit or miss.
I would say the CX-5 tuner is on par with the Honda tuner.
Best thing to do would be to take an extended test drive and see how the reception is.
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2019 CX 5 GT-R
I had the same issue a few days ago with XM only receiving stations up above 300. Weird. It went away after a while and returned to normal. Must have been a satellite problem.