XM reception in SoCal (LA)

2014 CX-5 GT
im wondering if other users who have XM in this car are experiencing dropped signals as often as i do. basically, anytime im under a freeway pass, tunnel, anything that blocks overhead reception, my XM signal drops out. Even in my garage, with the garage door open-- no signal. In my previous car (infiniti), i never had this problem w XM reception and I live in the same area, same daily routes. I think its a little excessive for it to drop out every time im at a red light under a freeway pass. Sometimes it will drop out if i don't drive fast enough through the underpass. any others out there? thanks in advance.

btw- my Bluetooth module just burned out-- my USB greyed out a few months ago; i thought it was just my USB drive, but now the bluetooth is out. i doubt that has any correlation to the XM reception problems tho right?

2014 GT - 8k mi
vw jetta tdi
I think these cars don't have xm, they have sirius. The merger of them makes things confusing as they are still broadcasting on their own sats with their own encoding schemes.
One uses geostationary satellites and the other geosynchronous (they move with the earth), I forget which. Before the merge they both had terrestrial
repeaters in various cities to prevent outages caused by building and tunnels, but since the merger, shutting these repeaters down, along with lower the bit rate on channels, has been part of their "commitment to quality".
I remember checking the info screen of my xm Inno in LA and found out that I was getting signal from a repeater, pretty cool.
So, the dropouts you are getting are normal.
FWIW, I think Sirius sucks even worse than XM, reception with my XM Inno was great, never lost signal when driving in the city or through a forest, work well indoors, even got a usable signal in the carribean with it.