Wisconsin Random Chatter and Banter Thread


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Time for a non Mazda driving Mazda dude reunion of sorts once the weather is better. I still nominate Ian for a pool party and sweet drive out in Mt Horeb. (naughty)
^^^ anytime... roads are still sweet and the pool is still wet!

Well shit, we all must be watching or signed up for alerts to the thread huh? LOL


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Nice G8! What made you go back to Pontiac? Why not have just kept the GTO? I'm sure the G8 is much more updated with technology than the GTO though. Probably way better gas mileage too, LOL!
The GTO payment wasn't going to fly with one child, that got sold right before my first was born (it was the car we had equity in.. the G6 was still like 2K upside down), and I sold my silverado just after. Drove the Tahoe for 2 years and lost a piece of my soul daily.. thats over 300k miles now too.

Last year about this time I was up for promotion and getting back into a fun car made it into the budget. As rick noted below, 4 doors was mandatory, I had a Camaro breifly after the GTO and my wife literally never even rode in it, so having it was virtually pointless. Very happy with the G8, though I have no idea why you think it would get better gas mileage, its actually worse. GTO put up like 19/25 (this was after the cam.. before was slightly better actually), the G8 gets 15/22, likely to get cammed and go down, lol, but should go back up once I actually get the blower on. Weights slightly more, same displacement but better heads, and auto instead of manual. (yes this makes me sad, don't rub it in, but a GXP was firmly out of the budget)

I went back to a Holden because I loved everything about the GTO, and the G8 is essentially the 4 door brother of it. I drove 7 hours to this car without having ever sat in a G8.. and it was exactly what I expected. Honestly no substantive technology upgrades, unless you count the worthless displacement on demand system that will be removed at my earliest opportunity, and the in-dash monitor that from the factory serves no purpose at all. No nav, no camera, no video input. I've now fixed that shortcoming, and of course several others.

he had childrens, 4 doors > 2 doors
Correct. 3.5 and 1.5

Pleural!!!? I didn't know that. Last I knew, his woman was pregnant with #1, LOL! Yeah, that makes sense then.
Yeah, you've been AWOL a while.

Maybe Carl Jr. can race B1 on Big Wheels! I'd pay to see that, LOL! If B1 can't even fit in a Miata, that Big Wheel is in for some hurt. (hah) (popcorn)
lol! I'd pay a spectator fee for this!
I vote a wagon race... I'll use my son's.

can't have a proper pit crew with just 1 lol
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Nice lawn Brah. (bow) You've gone all domestic.

I was AWOL for awhile on here. I think about a year and a half, LOL!


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1st!!!! February post that is. (mj)

How do you downshift in an auto? Unless you're using the manumatic thingy that doesn't really do anything in most modern automatics. Or you floor it, LOL!
Both. The sport mode in my car is actually pretty awesome. If I come into a corner WOT and lift, it will hold the gear, the manumatic is pretty pointless unless you're just playing.


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Anyone that might see this interested in a 2006 Charger R/T? Wife is looking at a new one and the trade in sucks, and would obviously like more while still getting someone local a good deal.

96,000 miles, White, new tires in Jan, cat deletes with flowmaster 40's. Small rust spots around the wheels, normal WI driven vehicle. Trade in is 6500, private is 8600, willing to split the difference so its a good deal on both ends.