Winter Tires in EXCELLENT condition with 2015 Mazda 3 OEM Wheels

Just got a CX-9 and no longer need my winter wheels and tires.

The wheels are OEM Mazda 3 16" wheels. All 4 are in 10/10 structural condition. Cosmetically, one is 6/10, one is 7/10 and the other 2 are 8/10. They look good, but a couple of them aren't without a few scrapes. I did my best to capture those flaws. That being said, they're clean and mounted with Michellin Ice-X 205/60R16 Tires. These are very lightly used and only saw one and a half winters. I estimate they have no more than 8,000 miles on them.

Two of the tires are a 7/32 and the other two are at 8/32. If you want an image of each tire PM me and I'll send them over. I have very detailed photos of all tires and wheels, so if you want more please let me know.

For the wheels and tires as one package, already mounted I'm asking $600.
Tires by themselves I'm asking $350
Wheels by themselves I'm asking $350

Save a few bucks and buy them in one package. I loved these things on my Mazda 3 in the winter, there was a very noticeable increase in traction in slick conditions.

PM Me for more deatails if you're interested.

Chicago pickup only

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