Wind Gust forced passenger door open

Hey guys, my passenger today opened the passenger side front door and unfortunately a strong gust blew the door right out of her hand. As the door flew open, we heard a loud clank. To me it sounded like metal, but my passenger thought it sounded like plastic. The vehicle is a 2019 CX5 GTR. I checked the door hinges and everything seems normal. The door closes and opens fine. I dont see any obvious sag either. But that clanking almost cracking sounds really bothers me. Am I just being over paranoid about my new baby? Maybe the door check broke? Thanks for any help!
2019 CX-5 GT 184 2.2 twin turbodiesel auto - Sonic Silver
The end of the check strap inside the door is a loose component so you might have heard that. If the door opens and closes ok and all of the gaps are equal then it probably didn’t strain the hinges (bend them).
I am wary of very high winds and although I’ve mentioned to my wife to never open a second door, I put the onus on myself to be responsible for it especially in restricted parking spots. You also have to be mindful in supermarkets and other places where other cars are as invariably other people don’t think and as soon as more than one door is open the wind will take a door off most people and you don’t want that door putting a sizeable crease in the side of your car. Remote spot is the order of a windy day.