Will Forscan do this?


'17 CX-5 AWD GT Prem. Original owner of 91 Miata.
Atlanta metro
Just starting to educate myself about Forscan. Actually got onto it because my kids each own a Mk3 Ford Focus which can be glitchy in the transmission control module, but I digress...

For the CX-5, will Forscan tell me if there is a problem in the circuit that controls the wipers? I see that both the FCBM and RCBM are involved for control of the automatic wipers. Does the car throw a code that can be read by Forscan if there is a problem there?

My issue is that the wipers kind of do their own thing when I try to use them. E.g. swipe 2-10 times when I bump the "Mist" one time. Or run constantly when set in Intermittent mode regardless of whether Rain Sensing is On or Off, or the amount of water on the windshield. Sometimes they even swipe a couple of times when I start the car, even with the switch in the Off position.

Since the car is out of bumper-to-bumper warranty, I'd love to be able to do some diagnostics on my own and narrow it down to a component, if that's possible. I don't want to replace the wiper stalk only to find that the problem lies in the RCBM, for example. Trouble codes would help.

I may end up getting the hardware and software for Forscan anyway, to support the kids' Fords, but was curious if anyone knew about this for sure for the Mazda.