Will a 99-03 Protege seat bracket fit my 2002 Protege5?

I assume that since the platforms are pretty much the same on the front end that these will fit in the protege 5 no problem. Just wanting some confirmation.

These are the ones I'm looking at getting.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
I think they should be fine.
Our OEM seat brackets are a different shape, but that should only mean that the area under your seat will be different.


PS... I HATE the factory lever for adjusting the seat.

I had my cruise on and my legs crossed up under my seat.
I went to hit the clutch to disengage the cruise and the loop at the back of my hiking boot was caught on the lever.
Lucky I wasn't in a rush to stop the car, but both my legs were trapped because of the way I had my legs crossed.

I've since cut the loops of all my footwear, but that damn lever still gets caught on all kinds of crap.

But then again, maybe some day it will save my life when my car is dangling off the side of a bridge and I'm dangling from the car hanging from my boot loop and my seat adjustment lever. Lol
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