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Why does the rest of the world always get better options?


Here in Japan, it seems import dealers mainly order high spec variants for sale in Japan. I'm guessing because Japanese interested in import cars are probably not looking for striped-down models and importers want higher margins for the added cost and risk.

As for choice, whenever I'm back in the States, I'm amazed at the selection...That said, if you're looking at traditional Japanese products like green tea, selection here is through the roof!

Avoidin Deer

Zoom Zoom, baby
Central Virginia
2019 CX-5 Reserve
I used to really be into green teas. I love me some sencha and macha.

Not just the flavor, but the ritual as well.
The perfect water, the perfect temperature, the perfect length of time, the perfect vessel...but that's how all teas should be brewed.

Legacy tastes from my days at NEC, I guess.

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