Who has got the highest mileage CX-9 out there?

Just purchased a CX-9. Only my second Japanese vehicle. I keep my vehicles forever, do all the maintenance myself, and hope to do the same with this vehicle.

Here are the vehicles I have had over the years and the mileage before I got rid of them.

1984 300ZX - sold at 185,000 miles....replaced brakes and an alternator
1998 Audi A4 - sold at 150,000..replaced brakes and a control arm
2005 Mercedes Benz ML-350 - did the EGR at 40k, water pump at 80k, Front shocks and crankshaft position sensor at 100K, A/C Pulley Bearing at 105K. Vehicle has 118,000 right now and I have no intention of getting rid of it...

I have read a lot about problems like transfer cases and water pumps, so I'd like to feel good about this purchase and have some people weigh in some super high mileage vehicles!!!!

2007 Mazda CX-9
Im at 144xxx fwd. Got it used 77xxx. I think my axles are getting bad. But i can live with it. Did coolant drain and fill and spark plugs. Oh i got misfires too. The ignition coils and fuel injectors gors bad i think. But maybe its just for my system.


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2014 Mazda CX-9 AWD GT w/ Tech Package
Obviously I don't have a high mileage one, but from what I've read on the forums these past 4 months since getting the car here are the threads I see pop up the most:

Brakes - Undersized for the car, may require rotor replacement
Ball joints - some have had issues with the ball joints up front around 100k, presumed to be due to undersized and weight of the vehicle
coils/ignition - probably just follow the Mazda recco. there
Trans/TC/Diff - as we all know, fluids in all of them probably every 30k

Haven't read many other maintenance items pop up with them, but I'll add them if I see them.
I have a 2007 AWD GT .... bought it brand-new... I am at 156k miles and counting.... been a damn good car! Anyone else replace the noisy front sway bar bushings on an 07, 08, or 09? I am looking to do it myself, got that annoying loud creaking noise when you go over bumps and low speeds... d
agree front brakes are undersized for the CX-9, though brakes are effective and no safety issues, the rotors wear too quickly, I am on my 2nd set of front rotors, had the first set turned 2x, and my new set of rotors is due to be turned after about 40k
2013 CX-9 Grand Touring
I think ours will be here soon. 1.5 years old and 48,000. The wife drives about 30k a year.

I have our last vehicle (2004 Mazda Tribute) and started driving it September 15, 2013 when it was at 268k and 9 years old. Since I don't drive as much it's still only around 285k but it's out of commission rig now needing another alternator installed.
08 CX-9 Grand Touring
We are at 88,000 on ours. Bought it used with 66,000 a year ago, its been great so far. Only complaints is that the drivers widow regulator or motor don't role up the window it's self, so you have to help it up. Need to take it to the dealer for warranty before the mileage is up.
2010 Mazda CX-9
bought our 2010 new...currently at 115k...only things i've done so far are oil changes and coolant flush...about to do spark plugs...had brakes, rotors checked out at some point & they said they were fine..
btw - just looking back at some invoices - Firestone, who does my oil changes, quoted $250 for plug replacement...
2007 CX-9 Grand Touring & 2015 Mazda3 5-door Grand TouringS
We bought the first CX-9 in our town back in 2007, and we currently have 189,000+ miles on it. Brutus is due for another oil change now that I think of it. :)
2007 Mazda CX-9 GT
Ive got a 2007 CX9 GT AWD, fully loaded with all the options. Bought it in August of 2013 at 118,000. It was a one owner, meticulous dealer maintained vehicle. Looked and felt brand new at 118K. Headphones for the DVD system were still in the plastic and never used!

It now has 149,500 Miles. Ive always maintained it at the dealer. I had the transmission flushed/serviced this summer. Had the lower control arms/ball joints replaced under a recall. Now Ive got a heavy antifreeze leak coming from the engine block, most likely a bad water pump. From what a hear its a labor intensive job as the pump is internal inside the engine. Will most likely be a $2,000 + repair bill. I also have a clicking noise in the transfer case when I shift into R & D when the car is cold. Dealer cant figure it out. If the transfer case is bad (which Ive read is a common failure on these), it would be another $1300-$1500. Many people say the transmissions go out when the transfer case does. I don't even want to entertain that scenario!

I guess some people get really lucky with these things, and up to now its been a great car. Im undecided on whether or not Im going to keep this thing after these issues are addressed. I may be moving on to a Toyota or a Honda. Time can only tell.

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I have been coming up with a contingency plan or two. First is to cost share with Mazda. I will hope to only pay 1/3 of the total repair cost. Should that fail, I may look for a used powertrain from a salvage yard and swap it in. Should save a lot of dough. Dealer work is expensive.
2007 Mazda CX-9 GT
So a little update after getting it to the dealer.. My water pump is bad. It has a slow leak through the weep hole but it is not leaking into the oil yet and the engine is solid! That's great news! The other part of this is that I had a second leak as well. At first they didn't know where it was coming from. They said it might be a freeze plug which had me puzzled on how a car that is always garaged and well maintained could pop a freeze plug. They quoted me quite a bit of labor to fix both water pump and the freeze plugs, but said they would see if they could get a more definite answer on the heavy leak after they pull the engine. Once they pulled the engine they found a broken antifreeze hose that runs in the valley of the engine that is leaking bad. Phew! That saved me about 5 hours of labor for not doing the freeze plug (The one behind the transmission requiring the tranny and engine to be separated.)

My transfer case is solid with no problems. They think the clicking noise was coming from my axles, or my brake calipers..? I don't remember for sure but they said they think they fixed it during diagnosis. Im anticipating probably an $1800-$1900 bill for the water pump and leaky hose.

Im pretty sure once we get this back we are going to be hunting for another vehicle. The transfer case/transmission thing really scares me and Id rather sell this thing when I know that everything works great and is solid rather than waiting for symptom.
2012 CX-9 Grand Touring
HI, Good day fellow CX-9 Owners,

I just rediscovered "mazdas247.com" and am wondering if anyone returns to a thread to update their CX-9 High Mileage experiences?
Or, do I start a new thread?

I'm also rethinking should I keep the car long term as hoped or trade out while in "good shape/not too old" (7yr.s) ?
I have 2012 CX-9 GT AWD and just turned odometer 90 K and also hope to get 250 K + Miles out of the car which is currently in great shape with exception of Front Brakes, Transmission/Transfer case funky feeling/klunk when reversing UP my driveway and Front door wind noise.

I've warped my third pair of undersized front rotors and pads just started grinding - OUCH!
I'm evaluating replacing OEM front rotors and pads with high quality drilled and slotted rotors for superior cooling and wear, along with matched high performance/quality pads with quoted "30 - 35% improvement in stopping power" - My hope is to only replace pads a tad sooner while lubing calipers to save the rotor for longer wear? - and of course a superior braking experience over a longer period. - SO is it worth the cost of a couple extra hundred?

Top of the list at the moment is EBC Brakes - GD FRONT ROTOR # GD1698 w/ EBC's "Red Stuff"front PAD # DP31794C

Funky feeling/klunk in Transmission/Transfer case:
This has only happened on several occasions, and when does makes you wonder... "OK, is this the beginning of a Too Costly FIX? "
So just started looking into this and WELCOME ANY INPUT AVAILABLE?

Front door wind noise
I've tried a number of solutions with NO improvement and the dealer just wants us to buy a new car- SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS WE WOULD EMBRACE THEM!


I also had the transmission flushed w/Synthetic trany fluid replacement at 75 K miles and had the lower control arms/ball joints replaced under a recall.
I also replaced steering linkage end joints as was told they were loose.
I was told not to replace transfer case oil, but just watch it ? ? (But wonder if good proactive practice is to flush & change anyways ? ? )
I run a synthetic oil blend and change oil / rotate tires every 4K miles.
I bought new all season tires at 22 K miles when I bought the car and and impressed how long they've lasted (70K+) although will need to replace by end of summer.

i WILL MAKE AN EFFORT to come back and update my experiences, etc.
Thank you to all of you who participate!