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Which tire fits best!

Mazda Protege 5 2002
So I scored a nice set of Mazda 3 17” wheels for my P5 and need some advice on which tires should fit best. Was thinking on 215/45/17 but not sure!
2001 Mazda SP20 323
Gidday! Good score on the wheels, 3 wheels look great on P5s.

If you're running standard shocks and high offset wheels (+45 -> +55) then you'll need lower profile tires. I ran 215/40/R17 on +55 mazda6 wheels with just enough clearance on the rear struts. A 215/45 tire would probably have hit everything lol
2003 protege 5
Im running factory 17s off a 2005ish miata. Offset i dont know. With eibachs and tokicos i have run both 205/40 and 215/45. I like the 45s better for both ride quality and it seemed like the 205s were kinda stretched. The rim seemed to stick out more than the rubber. Some guys like the 40s because it makes the car a bit lower. Hope this helps with your choice.

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