Which Mazadaspeed6 suspension parts will fit my 2006 Mazda 6 wagon?

2005 Mazda3 GT
I posted a question in the lounge but didn't get much of a response so I figured I'd ask here about more specifics. I have a 2006 GS wagon. I saw a nearly complete 07 MS6 parts car that was so cheap I couldn't say no. The engine was sold but the rest is all there. Assuming no damage to the parts, which suspension/brake components can I swap out to my wagon? I'm also planning on switching out as much of the interior as I can.
Portland, OR USA
2004 6s Wagon
good question.
I am not sure about a GS wagon (never heard of that designation) but I can speak to my 2004 GY wagon.
The interior will fit and quite nicely but there is some wiring you may have to figure out with the auto down and vent window controls. My 2004 does not have these options (Hall window motors) but a "facelift" gen. 1.5 may have these changes and then I would bet its plug and play.
The folding heated mirrors will take a bit of wiring as well.

Suspension would see all the front stuff working provided you are installing it into a 4 cylinder (all US models are v6 and the sway bar will not clear the exhaust.) The rear sway bar is AWD specific and unless you have an AWD wagon it will likely not fit. The brakes are a direct bolt in and at 320mm up front it is 10mm shy from the Brembo BBK (330mm). The rears will need the backing plates bent out of the way a bit but they work perfectly.