Where is A/F sensor connector? Mazda 3S 2007 Error P0131 / P2251

Mazda3s 2007 / CX-5 GT 2014
some months ago I got the check engine on, and when I read the fault codes I see P0131 / P2251, and I let it pass the time. Because this is my wife's car (mazda 3s 2007) today she ask me If I fix that :(.. I start googling and I found the replacement that is a bosch #15733 (4 wire), before I buy this part I try to know if this the source of this, and I found this article:


and says the A/F connector and I have a few questions:

1) Where is that connector?
2) The Bosch O/S is the OEM replacement?
3) This is the best path to fix my wife's car?

Thanks for your time...

Mazda3s 2007 / CX-5 GT 2014
Hello,I found some info:
Check Engine light with the codes P0131 / P2251 : The Technical Service Bulletin 01-015/10 recommends checking the front air/fuel ratio harness where it rubs against the bracket. This photo shows where. If the harness is damaged, the TSB recommends replacing the A/F sensor. The bracket needs to be bent away from the harness


I will replace the the Oxygen senor, and I will update.