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What's shakin'? My cx-5 is.

2014 mazda cx-5 touring FWD
Yesterday morning got an unpleasant surprise when backing into my parking space.Put car in reverse and it started shaking alot(at idle fully warmed engine after driving).Felt like a broken motor/trans mount.No shake in neutral or drive.Don't understand why as I don't abuse the car and it only has 19K miles.Took it out to the dealer where purchased but they didn't have time to do a quick check so I got an appointment on Monday.In the past they were pretty good about taking a few minutes but were too booked yesterday.

I started it this morning(cold engine, about 950 rpm),put it in reverse and still shakes.Got to thinking about it and remembered a few days ago when pulling out from a stop light that I got a rather severe shaking that lasted a few seconds.Thought it might have been wheel hop at the time due to road surface etc.This is the only time it shook in forward.

Giving it some more thought,it reminds me of "launch shudder" I experienced years ago with the auto trans in my Buick I had.Starting to think I got tranny problems instead of broken mount.

Anybody experience anything like this? Kinda upsetting .Any input appreciated.


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg. Plano, TX
Plano, Texas, USA
It seems most SkyActiv-Drive problems are whinnng noise from input shaft bearing, or delayed-shift into certain gear. Yours is different and could be the engine or transmission mounts as you suspected. But since the shake happens only in reverse, we almost can rule that out but only the transmission is the culprit! I guess now you can only hope your dealer can find where the problem is and fix it under warranty.
13' CX-5 and 16' Mazda6 both Touring w/Tech/Bose
What year is your CX-5 and at what outside temps? I believe there's a PCM software update TSB for some model year CX-5's for when temps get cold.
2014 mazda cx-5 touring FWD
Thanks to those who gave input.The weather has been nice(50-80).Got the car into the dealer today due to cancellation opening.After pulling into the service bay I put it into reverse to see if problem still there.It was not.Couldn't believe it.It was there this morning.Damn car musta known it was at the dealer (mercury in retrograde maybe?).Anyway,"no codes found,ran TCM self test (didn't know it had one),all systems operating as designed,trans fluid and test drove OK".At least it was documented.So it goes.Hope no more gremlins appear.

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