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what's a great deal price for 2020 CX-5 Soul Red

Hey, this is my first post and I'm looking to get a great deal on 2020 CX-5 Soul Red color. I've contacted multiple dealerships via phone and internet in Dallas, the latest offer received is for $29,300 out the door price @ 0.9% APR. Has anyone else paid much lesser than this quote? if so, what's the price I should be negotiating with the dealer.
As explained by dealer - the preferred package includes - Bose sound system, Moon roof, Homelink Mirror, Power Lift gate
I think your price is not bad, but about 2k you can negotiate with the manager. I paid for mine in 2018 36700$ but as I understood it was fully charged. I have a pitty story with my Mazda:)) After 7 months I've crashed it and sold to https://www.cashforcars-perth.com.au/ because I had nothing to do, the destruction was for 50%. And now I'm driving a BMW 30i and this one is more interesting than the CX-5. So maybe you'll make a test-drive on another car also.
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True car prices at 28.9 in Chicago area for that spec. You can at least target for that. The 0.9% should be based on your credit , they should hold the price hostage for it.
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Martial law coming. Elections postponed. Don't let a crisis go to waste.

Good time to buy a car.