What Other Cars Do You Have Beside Your CX-5?

2007 3i & 2014 CX-5
I have a soft spot for 80's and 90's cars, because I was a kid then.
I have a bigger soft spot for stock looking sleepers. If that thing runs as good as I hope it does, that's pretty awesome.
I should post a picture with the hood closed. The paint is original, and half of the clear coat is gone! I just tell people it's so fast that paint won't stay on it.

This is my third Daytona, so saying I have a soft spot for these cars is an understatement. This one is packing an SRT-4 power plant that I hand-built back in 2007. While I was at it, I ditched the tired automatic and shoved in a built 5-speed from a Shelby. The big fat midrange torque of the 2.4 turbo is perfect for a heavy car like this. Sitting still, it just looks like a beat-up old car, inside and out. In motion, the look on people's faces is priceless, and what makes it even better is that these cars were forgotten about decades ago. So many people see this on the road today and have no clue what the hell just went by them. (rofl2)
I have a 2016 Accord sport I bought used with 26,000. I love that car. My wife wanted a new car seeing as she never had the chance to get one as I always seemed to have or pick the new vehicle, she got the hand me down. She looked at the CR-V, Santa Fe and the CX5. I was proud that she chose the Mazda. I was sitting in the Mazda6 sport in the showroom and I thought it was comparable to the Accord. Long story short, her drive is about 70 miles a day to my 15, and she thought it was a good idea when I suggested we keep the mileage down on the new vehicle. I miss the Accord once in a while as it*s a joy to drive but I*m loving the Mazda.