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What is the best Brake Pad for my 2002 Protege?

Which brake pads would you use?

  • Raybestos Service Grade (Ceramic)

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  • Wagner QuickStop (Ceramic)

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  • Bosch Blue Brake Pads (Semi-Metallic)

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  • Raybestos Hybrid

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  • Akebono (more expensive)

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  • Total voters
mazda protege 2002
Hello Fellas,

I will have to change my brake pads in a couple of months, but I dont know what option to take as there are very little options over here in my country (I live in Guatemala).

The available options over here are:

- Raybestos SGD893C, these are the cheapest ceramic brake pads, price is around $25.00 for the set. They do not come with hardware

- Wagner QuickStop ZD893, these are the only Wagner Brake pads available over here, price is around $28.00 for the set. They do come with all the hardware.

- Bosch Blue Brake pads BE893H, these are the only semi-metallic set that I am able to find here in GT. Price is around $32.00 for the set. They do not come with hardware.

I have two more options, but these are more expensive and I am not sure if they are worth it for a daily commuter like mine.
- Raybestos EHT893H, these are hybrid brake pads (marked as top of the line on their website). Price is around $46.00 for the set. As far as I know, they come with all the hardware.

-Akebono ACT637, these are the best ceramic pads that I can get here, but they are around $60.00 for the set. I dont know if they come with hardware.

Have you tried one of these options? How did it go?(uhm)

I have been thinking about getting the QuickStops from Wagner as they seem to be a very good balance between price and quality.

All inputs are more than welcome.:)
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