What have you done to your P5 today?


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2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
cable43 said:
played w/ my headlights
(i'll post pics L8R)

I looked for a spot to mount a slim playstation 2.....glove box maybe?!?
It's fun planning these things...it's really gonna suck cutting up my baby to make these plans work! (boom07)


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1990 RX-7 Turbo II
Damn sucks as always. Heh, I had the DGM lip on my car just like that. Almost thought it was my P5.


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2003 Mazda Protege 5
i painted my hubs and calipers on Sunday, as for today, planned what to work on for my day off (thumb)


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03.5 Lsr Blue P5
Poseur said:
Beyond that. I pressed a 1-1/8" steel rod into a piece of 2" aluminum at school. Hoping to make a weighted shiftknob with an interesting look. Hopefully I can fight my way back onto a lathe to turn some sorta interesting shape outta it.
Cameraphone sorry, but you get the idea. Hoping to get some heft to a shiftknob without the bad thermal retention of solid steel all around. And with a spiffy seamless bi-metal finish to boot.


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03 Silver Protege5
I've been driving a '94 Blazer around for a couple weeks. Talk about a big change form the Protege, lol

Most recent mod I did was the rockblocker smoked tail light and fog light kits.


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Changed her oil, patched the hole in the one tire and topped off her fluids. :) Now to order some new front brake pads...

Brian MP5T

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Well it's true, Whatever the MP5T cost, I get my jollies out of scaring Very Young and Very Old People. Ever time I get a good reaction, I say, That made me as happy as getting $100.00 in the bank, and I subtract from the cost of making my car.