What have you done to your P5 today?


Looking for John Connor
2003 Protege 5 -- 2016 Ford Expedition
Having my cat gutted by my mechanic, because I do not have $215 to pay for a new cat plus labor. And who knows, maybe I'll like it how it sounds + the added performance of a gutted cat.
Probably not much HP, but it might help your throttle response by letting it breath better. More responsive throttle = more fun to drive.
Done a lot today for Nezuko:

-Used Injen cold air intake came it. I bought a K&N conical filter replacement and installed seamlessly. I was thinking about the coolant reservoir relocation as my used intake didn't came with the relocation bracket. I do not like hacking into original parts but I just cut the factory intake bracket. Turned out well and the relocated reservoir is secured properly.



-Installed Lamin-X yellow fog covers. I really like the look; the front pops more:

-Installed Crux bluetooth interface. Sound is much more louder and cleaner compared to bluetooth via radio frequency. Also installed the intermittent wiper upgrade off a 2005 Mazda6. Works as advertised.