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What have you done to your MSP today?


replaced the 09/2002 fog lamp bulbs that finally burned out. saw am oil leak on the sensor in block underneath the manifold but above the oil filter and oil sending unit, dont know what it is but its a leak source


Got a bunch of stuff to put on. Can wait o replace oem wga that finally crapped out so the car will be fun to drive again with out fuel cut. ATP with threaded rod will fix that. Ordered a new oem front motor mount since I cannot find busings for my custom mount. Picked up the Mahle B32427 oil cooler gasket and a new oil pressure switch and knock sensor. That will solve my oil leak. Got a new thermostat, pcv, oil filter and dipstick. Will install a fresh set of NGK plugs too.


Grumpy Vet
MSP 2003.5, Laser Blue
I didn't 'do' anything to her today but I'm teleworking in the garage [only place I'm allowed to smoke] and am looking at her and considering 12mm spacers vs. the 10mm already on.