What have you done to your MS3 today?

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Yeah, there are a few issues the shop needs to fix... once that is done I'll be satisfied. xD


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I am a couple of days off here but...

Saturday- changed oil with some penzoil platinum 5w-30 and she runs so silky smooth now.

Sunday- wash and wax
Got my car tinted yesterday. This week Im going to install the twm ss w/bushings. While doing this I am going to put on the redline shift boot, ebrake boot, and armrest cover. Going to be legendary, ha. :)


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I installed my 35w 5000k APEXCONE HID kit from DDM tuning. They are really bright and I didn't need to reaim them suprisingly. Pics to come soon.


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YES! just put the azenis on and had a full detail done. Inside/outside/enginebay, looks so good!

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installed my STS today. it's fairly easy and the manual is pretty straight forward. i'm getting a "crunch" on 4th gear though. but other than that i noticed a HUGE difference in shifting.
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So much for leading by good example J! Sorry to hear and hope you can get it knocked down to a lesser infraction. Have you tried, the, but officer its only a four cylinder i did not even realize the car could go that fast! Thats my big plan. i hope your court does plea deals. Good luck. OK, my first hand wash since bringing the car out again. Some how there are more scratches then when i put it up! But man the sun was shining and after drying, i had to say.. what a f'n awesome car i have . you folks know what i mean.
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I drove mine for the first time in a week! Sure is sweet after the POS electric blue automatic PT cruiser rental I had for a week on a business trip.


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HEYYYYY!!! Welcome back, Ted!!

If it makes you feel any better I got the very first speeding ticket I ever got (after 30+ yrs of driving, and speeding) in my N/A 3 doing 76 in a 65 and I didn't even realize I was speeding at the time. Just out for a nice Sunday morning cruise. This was about 3.5 yrs ago now....