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What have you done to your Miata today?


MOTM July 2015
'81 RX-7 GS, '00 Miata SE, '16 Camaro (wife's), '15 CX-5 GT AWD
I've kind of been chasing my tail with issues. After swapping the fan connectors I again suffered from the cutting out that I thought was being caused by coolant temperature. After letting the car cool some she fired back up normally. I thought about it some more and realized this is what happens when the camshaft angle sensor is failing. So after some research I stopped by the local dealer and ordered a new one. That came today so I got that installed. Before I slapped that bad boy in I compared it to the old one, and found some change. New is on the left.

You can see the differences. Whether or not this will improve performance over the long run time will tell. Another thing that changed is the part number, I got the one listed on Mazda Motorsports' site and it crossed to this one:

Test drive afterwards didn't have any problem, but it was cooler out today so it may not have been a valid test.
2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD titanium/black 2016 Miata Club ST MT white
Rotated the tires and while I had them off of the car I washed and waxed the wheels on both sides. I bought the car used last fall and this is the first time that I've done the tire rotation.

Easy enough. I drove the MX up onto the homemade ramps so that I could get my floor jack under the front end. Jacked the front end up (using the crossmember in the middle) just enough to get my jack stands placed (used the rubber pinch weld adapters on my stands for the first time, worked perfectly). Pulled the front wheels off, washed and waxed. Then I jacked the rear up, using the jack point in front of the diff. Pulled the rear wheels off and replaced them with the fronts, crossed over of course. Lowered the rear and then worked on the other two wheels. Placed 'em on the front once done and took it for a ride.

A four beer job well done. Don't fret, that was four beers spread over at least two hours. I took my time.