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What have you done to your Miata today?


MOTM July 2015
'81 RX-7 GS, '00 Miata SE, '16 Camaro (wife's), '15 CX-5 GT AWD
Got a drive in today on one of my favorite local roads. First since upgrading the Sport brakes, love the stopping power.

Then I finally installed the LED footwell lights I've had sitting around. Almost done, didn't connect the power wire yet as I didn't want to wrestle around under the dash any further and it's gonna be a PITA.


bazooka joe

No words
2016 Miata Club, 2014 CX5 Touring, Honda 1976 XL 175
Took her out for a drive, beautiful morning here in NC! I practiced social distancing of course!


2008 MX-5 SE
Car looks clean Mike! I don't blame you about the wiring. Contorting under the steering wheel on your back is never a fun time.

Jealous Mark! Another overcast day here and I am in the office. Will be headed home soon and may be my only visit for the week? Have to wait and see if any "essential" requests come in.


MOTM July 2015
'81 RX-7 GS, '00 Miata SE, '16 Camaro (wife's), '15 CX-5 GT AWD
Looking good Mark. I've been taking mine out as often as I can for some stress release.

Thanks Jeff.

Got around to checking my current drain yesterday. Put a new fuse into my meter and connected it up. Happily, I only saw 11.4 milliamps with nothing turned on. I'm guessing the old battery just wasn't good. I will be putting the Battery Tender on it before I head off to work next time (whenever that will be) to keep the battery charge topped off.

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