What Color is Your P5?

What color is your Protege 5?

  • Classic Red

    Votes: 144 17.5%
  • Sunlight Silver

    Votes: 173 21.0%
  • Midnight Blue

    Votes: 113 13.7%
  • Laser Blue

    Votes: 85 10.3%
  • Black Mica

    Votes: 105 12.8%
  • Pure White

    Votes: 99 12.0%
  • Sunburst Yellow

    Votes: 104 12.6%

  • Total voters
'86 RX-7 Base, '79 RX-7 GS
So far the poll is a pretty good distribution of what I see on a day-to-day basis. Silver is by far the most common, whereas yellow is the least. I also see a good amount of the blues. If I had to order it from most common to least in my experience it would be:

Sunlight Silver
Midnight Blue
Laser Blue
Classic Red
Black Mica
Pure White
Sunburst Yellow

THE Phen

Phenda Bear
2013 Abarth, 2004 MSM - FM, '74 BMW Bavaria, 97 Civic EX B18C1
I see more yellow near me than white. I saw a white one the other day and I thought it was just a 22v in the wrong light. Hahaha.


Team Fail Motorsports
03.5 Protege5
There is one other laser blue, about 9 silvers (all driven by 60+ year olds) 2 yellows, and 1 white

Havn't seen any others around


Da Short Bus Drivr
'02 P5 Vivid Yellow
when i first got my yellow p5 a neighbor had one and 2 others with in about 4 blocks


Corners > Straight Lines
2002 Mazda P5
i only know of one silver that lives near me, see some here or there but they are all 40-50yr moms


2002.5 Titanium Gray/Black Mica Mazda Protege5
should've added an option for other in the poll for those that strayed from their orignal color code. :D


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