Wet Okole Seat Covers


___ 323F ___
Did this back in 2016 because I got tired of cheap seat covers not lasting and just being BS in general. Seats stayed pristine but that's about it. Wet Okole seat covers fit so much better, have map pouches on the back of the front covers, increase comfort of oem seats a lot & will last for decades. Did not use the carbon pattern headrest covers because I preferred them black. I have had a plain black set in my Tacoma for over 10 yrs. They are not worn or torn and still good as new. They are easy to take off and wash. The straps are all sturdy and click together under the seats. The ones in the P5 are their "carbon pattern".....center portion has white, light grey and light blue much like Mazda's color scheme back when this car came about. The back seat covers are split 60/40 just like seats are which was not a feature of cheaper covers. Here's a few pics.............


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