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2003 mazda protege5 1987 mazda rx7 1992 mazda mx5 miata
Dont know where to post this
Just got my first miata and when its running it almost needs to be floored with the gas pedal to get it to move in any direction. Hoping its just a fluid issue but any help will be appreciated
It sat for an unknown amount of time outside through at least one winter
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Could be a throttle body issue. It's hard to know for sure without seeing the car.
2003 mazda protege5 1987 mazda rx7 1992 mazda mx5 miata
Part of the problem was the accordian part of the intake tubing was cracked in half. Fixed that and the car starts right up fine now. Still have a hesitation when in any forward gear
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Check fuel pressure/fuel filter (if it has one). Run lots of injector cleaner through it; Redline Fuel System Cleaner works, most others don't. Make sure MAF flapper moves freely or the wire is clean. Use great care with either.


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I'd also check the rest of them intake pipes. If one turned brittle on you, the rest are most likely either toast or on their way out too. Sometimes a hairline crack in a plastic tube is IMPOSSIBLE to see. One way to check is to spray a little soapy water on the pipes when the car is running. If any bubbles appear, then the pipe is leaking.
1992 mazda miata
I would start by siphoning all fuel from tank and put fresh gas in it

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