We lost a fellow brother last night...


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The place he was coming home from is not that far from his house or mine, and im not sure where the accident happen but i think i found it on the way home.

They were replacing telephone pole that was snaped in half and just hanging. So i got a good feeling thats where it happen, and whats meesed up is its right around the corner from my house.

i added some to the first post.
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Im really sorry to hear the news man. I remember talking with him a lot at my first meet at Chollies house. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


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Shannon was a great guy, always friendy, welling to help, and carefree. RIP Shannon.


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Matty is going to take up donations to get some custom flowers made for the funeral.

so if anyone wants to help out send him a pm or me.


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How much are y'all looking to get? Oh, I'm in btw


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Sorry to hear about this. I'm so far away, but it is still a concern. Good luck guys.


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s*** always turn me upside down when i read those story on forum....Sad day for Mazda family. RIP Shannon


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wow. i met him at a couple of the meets at chollie's...he was a cool guy. my prayers are with his family & friends.


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Wow...this is terrible...any details yet as to what happened?

RIP Shannon....


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^tyrant^ said:
ok i just found this out,

His service is at eternal hills at 2 on friday. The viewing begins at 10 on friday. His sister just sent me and wants to make sure all of his friends know and come.

Eternal Hills Funeral Home and Cremation
3594 Stone Mountain Highway
Snellville, GA 30039
I can't be there, but send my regards to his family and friends


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thats horrible, unfortunatley it doesn't look like wearing a seatbelt would have mattered. that looks pretty torn up


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wow, like a few others i never had the opportunity to meet shannon. It's always a tragedy when good, kind people go.


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I never got an opportunity to meet him but this is a sad day for everyone. I am sorry for all of his family and friends.